A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Robot Factory you play as a robot who tries to escape from the factory where his model is built.

Play through 4 levels that may or may not follow a fair difficulty curve and listen to the soundtrack change dynamically.

The game alse features a simple save system so it can be finished in multiple settings (WARNING: the game does NOT autosave)

Huge thanks to my friends who composed the soundtrack.


RobotFactory1.0mac.zip 51 MB
RobotFactory1.0win.zip 46 MB


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This was a ton of fun, the controls seemed a bit sensitive but I learned to like that! 

That is awsome man!

Glad you liked it.


Nice game, however the mouse sensitivity is really slow and i think the gravity might be a little bit too strong, but maybe that's what you want! With those things, i think it's really hard to progress, especially with the wall jump. But anyways, it would have been a great game if it wasn't for those small things like that.

Thanks for the feedback!

The reason I made the gravity so strong was to avoid wall jumping on a single wall, as well as making the player less floaty, but I can see it was probably not the best compromise I could make.